Merry Christmas 2012

Christmas presents under the tree


Why Here Why Now?

I have had several blogs over the past few years.  I started with a Knitting blog and then my focus in life shifted to health and fitness and then back to knitting. Yet both of these interests I felt should be separate   Why would a knitter want to know that I drink Green Smoothies or why would a Fitnut want to know about Knitted Socks.   Yet all I found was disinterest by myself, if I was not knitting I should not be blogging and vice versa.  Conclusion: Share it all!! The good the bad the ugly the knitted and life!

I felt that I was compartmentalizing who I am, and not sharing myself!  Going forward this is my space to share what I want and when I want.  To document me!

No matter your interest or how you got to the blog I hope you stick around and follow on my scattered map to find my path!