Dusting off this blog

Hello All!! Yes it has been a while since I posted last… There was still snow on the ground when I was last here.  Well much has changed since then…

I have finished my courses at school and *fingers crossed* I will be a University Graduate shortly.  I am very happy in my career in Public Relations!! How did I not do this profession years ago.  I have become extraordinarily busy with my social groups. I am now the president of both my local chapter and our cities council for my sorority (Beta Sigma Phi) – Not affiliated with any University or College.  As well as my regular extra circulars!

I have been running for the last month and a bit.  I am currently able to jog (not RUN) for 6 minutes and walk for a minute – rather rinse repeat.  I am running my 5k in June… 3 weeks to speed up that time and go farther!  I have also been asked to join a house baseball team which I am looking forward too…

I would like to share more! No promises but I will try to make this a more regular occurrence then just a fly by and then gone.

I hope all is going well for you.  Feel free to connect! Twitter: @JustHayleyS