Easier to run faster when smaller.


As a part 2 to yesterday’s post. My friend had taken a picture of me prior to the 2012 race and again my 2013 race.

This morning she commented on how I have accomplished so much in 365 days. I have made healthy lifestyle changes to my diet. I have cut out pop completely and cold turkey. No headaches. I have started running as you know. Overall I am on my path to a happier healthier version of me.

Very proud of my accomplishments!


Second Race better than the first


I had mentioned prior I was planning to complete my second 5k race.

I did it. I completed race #2 and I killed it.

Yes I will admit my running training sort of stalled. Yet I managed to shave a whooping 5 minutes of my time this year.

2012 – 51:50 (no training and out of shape)

2013 – 46:33 (moderate training)

2014 goal – under 35 minutes.

I enjoy running and I plan to commit more to my hobby.