#QOTD: Make it count

#Quoteoftheday: Make it count


Weekend Review: CNE Toronto

Last week a good friend asked if we wanted to go to the CNE, I was unsure if we would be able to given our schedules.  Well it all worked out in the end, we were able to go to the CNE on Saturday.  We all piled into the car and headed to Toronto.


To make the CNE not so expensive as we all can get trapped by the food items you can get.  We packed several bottles of water and snacks.  Who doesn’t like cucumber and orange slices!  The backpack was heavy to start but as the water was drank the bag became much lighter.  We did stop in the large food court.  No Cronut bugers for us (given what had recently happened health wise).  We all enjoyed a yummy meal and got to witness two small girls eating a french toast, brownie sandwich smothered in Nutella.

We went to all the buildings and had a great day! It was packed and there were some moments where peoples ignorance was just about too much.  Yet we all decided it was time to head home where we returned to the vehicle parked in the Ontario Place pay parking area to find we had been blocked in due to some ignorant people.  2 hours later and several phone calls one of the culprits returned and moved their vehicle.

Overall the CNE was nice. But I am not in any rush to visit anytime soon…