I have been house bound for the last two days with my dislocated knee.  I have since caught up on over 200 blog posts from others I follow.  I am in such awe of all their time and creations.  Almost a bit jealous.  I know we all have the same amount of hours and minutes in the day yet sometime I feel others have been granted more time.  I must figure out how to capture all these minutes and use the wisely.  

If you have ideas and suggestions I would love to hear how I can ensure I do all the things I love:

  • Full time public relations career – with several clients
  • Beta Sigma Phi – my womens group that meets biweekly on tuesdays.
  • Knitting – I have so much yarn and many patterns yet no knitting has occured (or very very little).
  • Canning – I want to make salsa this year and its tomato time!
  • Knits Sticks and String – My yarn biz and etsy store.
  • Steeped Tea Biz – I am a Steeped Tea consultant, yet I have not held a party since early June.
  • The roleplaying games I am part of
  • Having a social life
  • My Relationship
  • Fitness
  • Blogging and sharing more
  • Project Life – Not started yet I really want to…

I have many things… I think I need to prioritize! 

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