#October Intentions

October LeavesAs usual it has been some time since my last post.   Here is a catch up of what you have missed:

Watching:  I am watching all the fall shows! I cannot believe how they have all started this season. To be honest I am a little disappointed.  I am a lover of (too many shows):

–          Greys Anatomy: Decent opener – Emotions were had!

–          Bones: Slow opener and I was confused with the broken feelings by one character (no spoilers I promise).  I do love Booth and Brennan I must say!

–          NCIS: I have only watched half of the first episode.  I got a bit bored and distracted.  I will finish is.

–          NCIS LA: meh. Is all my opinion of this.

–          Law and Order SVU:  They ended on a very dark episode last season and I was surprised with the way the 2 hour opener went.  Benson has all the feels!

All which I do not feel had a very strong opening episode…  I am hopeful that the season will pick up.

Listening to:  I am in love with The Neighborhood and the soundtrack to the Lucky One.  

Thinking about: It’s the fall.  I am contemplating my fall and winter schedules.  I am also thinking a lot about my ACL surgery.  I have to meet with the surgeon and I am very nervous for this surgery.  I have done some research and I know some who have had the surgery and they are perfectly fine.

Trying to figure out: What is next for me.  Where the new clients will come from and how I can grow my businesses.

Looking forward to:  Picking apples and enjoying some cider!

Reading: Still reading City of Bones.  I promise I will finish it but I had to stop to read Inkchanger by Ellie Di (friend) so that I can read her newest book that is not out yet.

Making me happy: The cooler weather and the new friendships I have made.  

I am happy to welcome October and I am looking forward to all the new things I have on my plate and I am hoping to share soon…

October Intentions:

  • Finish three books.
  • Can Salsa
  • Go for a hike
  • Take more pictures
  • Have a cider party
  • Have a friend potluck thanksgiving party
  • Finish two knitting projects
  • Work my business more

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