End of October

Wow! This month has flown by!  I am looking forward to Halloween tomorrow.  I always love all the fun and spooky things that happen.  The October Halloween movie annual tradition has occurred we watched Hocus Pocus!! I love that movie.  It only dawned on me this year that Thackeray is TIMOTHY MCGEE from NCIS…

Recap of October:

  • Knee Update – I am now walking a lot better yet I do still have pain and fatigue in my leg.  I have been riding the stationary bike to help strengthen the muscle.  I am going to have an injection in my knee tomorrow (Oct 31) of visco supplements to help my knee produce the right knee juices (Not a doctor fun terms will be used).
  • Work – Its been very interesting finalizing some clients and setting up new ones.  Its is the quiet time of the season for me anyhow.  I have been filling the downtime with interesting workshops and networking nights to ensure I am doing everything I can to be more successful!
  • Social – Lots of fun socials have happened in October.  I had a lovely time with family for thanksgiving.  I had a cider party last weekend and it was a hit! We all enjoyed each others company!! I went to Niagara on Sunday for the BSP International Day and was able to meet several other BSP sisters!

I cannot wait until Nov 1st as it will be 19 days until my Birthday!

How was October for you?


#NoFun Knee Update



At the beginning of September I had a major accident and I was running and blew through a firebowl and I messed up my knee royally.   I have been part of an acting group for 2 years now and I was away with one of their events when this happened.  I was running backwards away from an attacker (in the event).  Many joke that I was more concerned about my costuming than my knee/leg.  I thought at the time I had just hurt it in a small way.  Boy was I wrong!

I went to the hospital that evening after it happened and they stated (at the ER) I had dislocated my knee and required it to be reset.  They made me purchase a Zimmersplint (useless) and sent me on my way with a handful of Tylenol.   I had to work to go into work as I was working on a large event yet they said to take a few days! My clients are awesome.  

I finally saw the sports medicine doctor (referred by my family physician) 10 days after the accident.  She was not convinced the knee was dislocated and gave me the EXCELLENT news I could lose the brace! Best news ever since with the brace I was not able to do anything!! She requested I have an MRI and to follow up in two weeks.

Last Tuesday 31 days into the injury I learned that I have torn or as by her wording “destroyed” my ACL and that I have a fracture in my knee bone and the worst bone bruise she has ever seen! Huzzah that must be some victory somewhere (not on any life bucket list of mine).  

Since hearing the news I have had to:

– Go for physio which I suspect is helping but I have no idea.

– Get fitted for a special brace which should be here any day – Fingers crossed my insurance comes through and covers the majority of it.

– Had to recognize that I can not do everything I had been doing prior to the injury and that I need to take it easy.

– That I have a great circle of friends and family who will be there to help me in any way I need – especially if I have to have surgery (which freaks me out)

I would love to hear your input… Have you had to have ACL surgery or had to rely on others in time of a accident or injury?