End of October

Wow! This month has flown by!  I am looking forward to Halloween tomorrow.  I always love all the fun and spooky things that happen.  The October Halloween movie annual tradition has occurred we watched Hocus Pocus!! I love that movie.  It only dawned on me this year that Thackeray is TIMOTHY MCGEE from NCIS…

Recap of October:

  • Knee Update – I am now walking a lot better yet I do still have pain and fatigue in my leg.  I have been riding the stationary bike to help strengthen the muscle.  I am going to have an injection in my knee tomorrow (Oct 31) of visco supplements to help my knee produce the right knee juices (Not a doctor fun terms will be used).
  • Work – Its been very interesting finalizing some clients and setting up new ones.  Its is the quiet time of the season for me anyhow.  I have been filling the downtime with interesting workshops and networking nights to ensure I am doing everything I can to be more successful!
  • Social – Lots of fun socials have happened in October.  I had a lovely time with family for thanksgiving.  I had a cider party last weekend and it was a hit! We all enjoyed each others company!! I went to Niagara on Sunday for the BSP International Day and was able to meet several other BSP sisters!

I cannot wait until Nov 1st as it will be 19 days until my Birthday!

How was October for you?

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