2013 Round Up



I have not used this space all that much over the last year yet it was full of ups and downs.

  • Started my full time career in a field I love.
  • Ran a 5k and shaved 10 minutes off my time.
  • Helped raise $10,000 for children at McMaster Childrens Hospital
  • Produced a play in the Hamilton Fringe Festival
  • Started working at co-working office space which has expanded my career and I have met some wonderful people.
  • Read several inspiring business books.
  • Tore my ACL, small fracture and horrid bone bruise
  • Had a great Cider inspired get together
  • Attended the Hillsong Concert
  • Had an amazing birthday
  • Survived the Ice Storm of 2013
  • Had an amazing Christmas with my Family
  • Celebrated 2013 and rang in 2014 (to be done this evening)

I am looking forward to 2014 and greatly hope your 2013 went extremely well.