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I used to blog often and somewhere along the way I have lost my voice to share me and mine with the world.  I have recently thought more on this and I have much to share with others and I need to open up.

Funny I say open up as every January 1st I set an intention for the year this years word was OPEN.  To be open to life.   This year my eyes have been thoroughly opened to how people can be and react to life.  I am still coping with the aftermath of several large bumps in the road.   I have been more open with my friend and family about my feelings – as I tend to bottle things up and not share.  I have been open to faith.   I am looking forward to this coming season and I hope that all that I have been through in the last one can set me forward for this one and those to come.

I will not use this place as a live journal nor will I share the most intimate aspects of my life.  But I will share what is the daily ongoing, what am I crafting, cool places I have gone.  I will also share my journey to shed my baggage weight that I have packed on over the past few years.

At the end of the day this is my place to share what I want!  I look forward to those who choose to come with me on this blogging journey!