Emerge into 2015



As the 2014 calendar nears the end, I am happy to say I am ready for 2015.  I have purchased my new planner and it sits crisply open on my desk.  I have my overarching desires set but what about my WORD… the one little word that seemingly is just a word but actually manages to shape my year.  This year I am choosing to EMERGE.  Last year I was open to all the possibilities and I have managed to be open yet hermit at the same time.  2015 will be the year of Hayley and the year to emerge back out into the world.

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Google and all dictionaries tell me that Emerge to:

  • Move out of or away from something
  • come into view
  • become apparent, important or prominent
  • become known
  • recover from or survive a difficult or demanding situation
  • break out from an egg, cocoon etc.

Those are all amazing aspects of what I am ready for in 2015.

Emerge Up:  I have been living with a friend since July after the great exodus.  She has been ever so kind to have me live with her and her family.  It was exactly what I needed.  I have been there almost 6 months and I need to start working on a plan to move out.  I know I am welcome but I feel it is coming time to move on.

Emerge Out: I have spent the last year pretty much hiding myself from the world.  Well no more.  2015 is the year to be out there… I am planning to make myself more prominent in the young entrepreneur scene here where I live.  I am planning to make more of a lasting splash on new colleges, clients and new acquaintances.

Emerge from who I was into who I am.  2005 was a big year for me, I started University that January I had just come home from a 6mo trip in Australia.  I had rekindled a old relationship.  Started to loose who I was and eat my way through the house and home to cover up how I really felt.   Fast forward 10 years.  I know who I am and I am ready to blast her into the world.  I will emerge from the dust settling from my 10 years into who I am going to be for the next 10 (or at least who I am going to be for as long as that works).


2014: One Little Word – Open

Open OLW

For the past few years instead of making resolutions I make goals and set an intention for the year.  2013 it was Create.  This years word was Open.  That was one doozy of a word as it has so much context.

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By setting my word as open not only was I opening myself to others I was opening myself to the universe.  It has been a hard year with many ups and down.  I think by picking open I was truly more open to some of the things that happened.

I was open to:

  • Exploring my feelings with religion and what I believed
  • Starting and ending friendships
  • Ending a long-term relationship
  • Opening my very closed heart to love and be loved again (work in progress) but being open to the idea that I am able to love and be loved.
  • Open and exposed with my friends and family as to my feelings, thoughts and desires.
  • to closing a large chapter of my life and not being upset about that and being will and able to open a new chapter.

Overall 2014 has been a steamroller of feels.  But I would not change any of them or rewind and do anything differently.  Why? Because I would not be who I am right now and I would not be where I am without overcoming those hurdles.  I am ever so grateful to those in my life that met me with open arms and open doors to help me.

I am greatly looking forward to 2015 and what it has to offer… I do feel that 2015 is my year… I have great hopes for it.

I have not picked my word for 2015 although I am confident that it will come to me and it will resonate throughout 2015 as OPEN did in 2014.

If you would like to learn about about OLW or how to pick yours check out the blog by creator Ali Edwards.

When is the ‘right’ time to open your heart to love again?


I was in a long relationship and I fought to keep it alive but nothing I did was working.  I made the decision to end it.  I had respect for him and for myself and I was not going to stay in something that was not right.  I had many people comment about how they thought he was not right for me and then provide there comments as to when was the ‘right’ time to start opening my heart up again.  Let me be clear there is no ‘right’ time.  In my experience you should be happy with who you are as a independent person so some time on your own is good.  But you never know who you will meet and when you meet them.

I have happily met someone and I am over the moon.  It is new and early but I am enjoying it and will continue to cherish and nurture it!

A few friends have recently started new relationships as well and I just want to share with them and all of you. They only person you should listen too about knowing when your ready is YOU!! If it is right it will all work and if it doesn’t then that is OK too.

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Moo-over Milk



Over the past 4 months I have really notices how I have felt and reacted to certain foods.  A great friend of mine T. asked me to participate with her in a 10 day detox.  It was 100% vegan and 60% raw.  I made it to day 6 and then stopped mainly because the last 4 days were just juices.

One main thing this detox had was NO DAIRY (as it was vegan).  I am not a vegan in my day to day.  I enjoy meat, eggs, butter and cheese! Cheese is one of my vices but I know every time I eat cheese or consume a lot of milk products I am in agony.

I do not drink milk now so that is not hard to cut out.  I hardly eat cheese as it is.  But when I do I eat CHEESE! Plus I do enjoy greek yogurt.  I have decided after the third stomach agony in the past three weeks that dairy has to go… Now I will say I did buy two dairy products in my last grocery shop – Laughing Cow Cheese and Liberte Greek Yogurt.  I will continue to finish these off as they do not bother me.  However – I will not buy any additional dairy products going forward.

Great resources I am using to guide me through this dairyfree-transition:

Do you find the milk bugs you? Are you going to switch?

Chipping off what’s not needed

april - dec

Since June of this year I have been working on shedding what I do not need – which is my extra weight (among other things).  Above is a snapshot of just my face and how it has changed since April.

April 2014

  • Weight: about 260lbs
  • Unhappy and eating my feelings

August 2014

  • Weight: 225lbs
  • Started practicing Hot Yoga regularly
  • Happiness was about 75% and rising.  I had ended a long term relationship, revamped my friend choices, updated my schedule, made myself a priority.

December 2014

  • Weight: 212-215lbs
    • I have hit a bit of a plateau with my weight loss… I had a goal of being under 200 by Dec 15th but I am not confident I am going to do that.  I have revised this goal for Jan 2, 2015.
  • Added cross fit to my exercise regime.  It is hard but I am doing it!!
  • Happiness 85+% most days.  Life is still up in the air a bit but overall life is actually moving along very well.
    • I do have to be reminded from time to time that even if you have to take a step (or a few) backwards as long as you never lose sight of where you are planning to go you will always get there.

Overall I have lost over 50lbs since June 2014 when I started my health change! I am very proud of my accomplishments so far.