Chipping off what’s not needed

april - dec

Since June of this year I have been working on shedding what I do not need – which is my extra weight (among other things).  Above is a snapshot of just my face and how it has changed since April.

April 2014

  • Weight: about 260lbs
  • Unhappy and eating my feelings

August 2014

  • Weight: 225lbs
  • Started practicing Hot Yoga regularly
  • Happiness was about 75% and rising.  I had ended a long term relationship, revamped my friend choices, updated my schedule, made myself a priority.

December 2014

  • Weight: 212-215lbs
    • I have hit a bit of a plateau with my weight loss… I had a goal of being under 200 by Dec 15th but I am not confident I am going to do that.  I have revised this goal for Jan 2, 2015.
  • Added cross fit to my exercise regime.  It is hard but I am doing it!!
  • Happiness 85+% most days.  Life is still up in the air a bit but overall life is actually moving along very well.
    • I do have to be reminded from time to time that even if you have to take a step (or a few) backwards as long as you never lose sight of where you are planning to go you will always get there.

Overall I have lost over 50lbs since June 2014 when I started my health change! I am very proud of my accomplishments so far.

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