Moo-over Milk



Over the past 4 months I have really notices how I have felt and reacted to certain foods.  A great friend of mine T. asked me to participate with her in a 10 day detox.  It was 100% vegan and 60% raw.  I made it to day 6 and then stopped mainly because the last 4 days were just juices.

One main thing this detox had was NO DAIRY (as it was vegan).  I am not a vegan in my day to day.  I enjoy meat, eggs, butter and cheese! Cheese is one of my vices but I know every time I eat cheese or consume a lot of milk products I am in agony.

I do not drink milk now so that is not hard to cut out.  I hardly eat cheese as it is.  But when I do I eat CHEESE! Plus I do enjoy greek yogurt.  I have decided after the third stomach agony in the past three weeks that dairy has to go… Now I will say I did buy two dairy products in my last grocery shop – Laughing Cow Cheese and Liberte Greek Yogurt.  I will continue to finish these off as they do not bother me.  However – I will not buy any additional dairy products going forward.

Great resources I am using to guide me through this dairyfree-transition:

Do you find the milk bugs you? Are you going to switch?

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