When is the ‘right’ time to open your heart to love again?


I was in a long relationship and I fought to keep it alive but nothing I did was working.  I made the decision to end it.  I had respect for him and for myself and I was not going to stay in something that was not right.  I had many people comment about how they thought he was not right for me and then provide there comments as to when was the ‘right’ time to start opening my heart up again.  Let me be clear there is no ‘right’ time.  In my experience you should be happy with who you are as a independent person so some time on your own is good.  But you never know who you will meet and when you meet them.

I have happily met someone and I am over the moon.  It is new and early but I am enjoying it and will continue to cherish and nurture it!

A few friends have recently started new relationships as well and I just want to share with them and all of you. They only person you should listen too about knowing when your ready is YOU!! If it is right it will all work and if it doesn’t then that is OK too.

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