Emerge into 2015



As the 2014 calendar nears the end, I am happy to say I am ready for 2015.  I have purchased my new planner and it sits crisply open on my desk.  I have my overarching desires set but what about my WORD… the one little word that seemingly is just a word but actually manages to shape my year.  This year I am choosing to EMERGE.  Last year I was open to all the possibilities and I have managed to be open yet hermit at the same time.  2015 will be the year of Hayley and the year to emerge back out into the world.

define emerge - Google Search.clipular

Google and all dictionaries tell me that Emerge to:

  • Move out of or away from something
  • come into view
  • become apparent, important or prominent
  • become known
  • recover from or survive a difficult or demanding situation
  • break out from an egg, cocoon etc.

Those are all amazing aspects of what I am ready for in 2015.

Emerge Up:  I have been living with a friend since July after the great exodus.  She has been ever so kind to have me live with her and her family.  It was exactly what I needed.  I have been there almost 6 months and I need to start working on a plan to move out.  I know I am welcome but I feel it is coming time to move on.

Emerge Out: I have spent the last year pretty much hiding myself from the world.  Well no more.  2015 is the year to be out there… I am planning to make myself more prominent in the young entrepreneur scene here where I live.  I am planning to make more of a lasting splash on new colleges, clients and new acquaintances.

Emerge from who I was into who I am.  2005 was a big year for me, I started University that January I had just come home from a 6mo trip in Australia.  I had rekindled a old relationship.  Started to loose who I was and eat my way through the house and home to cover up how I really felt.   Fast forward 10 years.  I know who I am and I am ready to blast her into the world.  I will emerge from the dust settling from my 10 years into who I am going to be for the next 10 (or at least who I am going to be for as long as that works).

5 thoughts on “Emerge into 2015

  1. Kristen says:

    Awesome word. It sounds powerful. I’m with you that last year was sort of a “hidden away” year, and it’s time to shake things up and get out. Happy 2015.

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