Come to the edge and let it go

Dancers Pose

As I mentioned earlier today it was a terrible no good day.  I am 100% and extrovert. I love people and socializing but from time to time the percentage changes to about 90% extrovert and 10% introvert.  I need time to recharge my social meter.  Well over the holiday’s this was over flowing!

From Friday to Sunday I did very little socializing basically taking my own time out.  If I do not do this I get rather grumpy and very impatient.  Ideally I needed one more day to relax but today was the first day back to work work after the holiday’s.  It started off blah and carried through.  I work as an EE at my local Moksha Yoga studio and I did not want to do my shift today because I had a case of the blahs and the grumps.  But I knew I could not slack and went.  I am ever so glad I did.  I took my Moksha 60 class and in the beginning shavasana every issue and negative thing melted into the floor.  It was restorative.  I felt 100% better when I left class.

So much so – a good friend and fellow EE – took this shot of me practicing my dancers pose.  I must always remember to take time for myself and to come to my edge and then just let it go.

Do you ever take Hot Yoga? What helps you relax and recharge after the holiday’s? 

One thought on “Come to the edge and let it go

  1. Amber says:

    Moving to your edge and then letting go is such a beautiful sentiment. I need to be better about that. I tend to find my edge and cling for all I’m worth. Thanks for the reminder.

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