Fired up!

Do you ever read something in news or gets posted on your timeline that gets you all fired up?  I do.

I do not often express that anger or upset back out into the world but I am today.

TLDR: Love your body and yell from the roof tops how awesome your weight-loss journey is!

(4) Beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes.... - HuffPost Canada Living.clipular

Huffington Post shared this on Facebook today! I am personally outraged.  I have purchased the magazine SHAPE in the past but I have not read it in over a year.  Not for any reason in particular but I am less inclined to read it now after this.  As a fellow female who is losing weight this makes me sad.  And funny enough at the bottom of the SHAPE reply on their website is:

Weight Loss Success Stories and Tips - Shape Magazine.clipular

As a human we are all entitled to our opinions and I have a huge opinion on this.  I am proud of my weightloss and I honestly BRAG and tell anyone who will listen.  I am not ashamed of how much I weighted before nor that I am still on my weight loss journey.  Especially when it comes to dating – I see no point in hiding your successes.  I was recently single after ending a 4 year long engagement. One of the first things I talked about when on dates was that my health was very important to me and that I am in the middle of a weight-loss journey.

Why did I share this? My health is number one priority to me… if I am unhealthy and overweight I am not going to be able to achieve what I want to achieve personally in life.  And I need to know my potential partner is on the same page and understands that going out for high calorie fast food is not a option for me.

I am thankful everyday that the man I have in my life now is not only proud of what I have accomplished but supports my weight-loss.  He is there to cheer me on and encourage me when I do not want to get my ass in the gym.  He also reminded me that:

Couples who sweat together stay together…

What do you think about this? Are you losing weight? Do you share your weight-loss with others?

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