Run Run Run – #28before29 Running update


I added on my list of #28before29 to run 1000km.  Why in all the worlds would I put that? Well because I used to run before I blew out my knew and I would like to get back into it.  I though 1000km would be easy… but it is harder than I originally thought but I am going to do as much as I can.

November: KM Ran = 0
December: KM Ran = 2.11
January: KM Ran = 6.2
February: KM Ran = 1.93 (as of today 2/5/15)

I just finished moving and I have happily found a new gym which is very clean and small which is nice.  Last night was the first time I have been and I started out running for 30 minutes.  I managed to make 1.93km in the 30 minutes.  Which is fairly slow.  I did not have my Nike+ run app working well since my phone was in my hand not in my arm band.  (Could not find it #movingproblems).

I have broke down the goal with my current km run:
Goal: 1000km
Distance to date: 10.24km
Distance to go: 989.76km
# of months till my birthday: 10
Distance needed to meet goal monthly: 99km/month

I think that might be a tall order but I am willing to try.  Have you ever done a running challenge?? Help me stay on track!!