Blooming with ideas!

If you did not know I am a publicist as my day job… my 9-5 job.  I loving working in PR. I have the opportuntiy to meet and work with some amazing people.  This weekend I was working at the Spring Home and Garden Show in Hamilton.  I had such an amazing weekend.  The show opened on Friday and ran until today (Sunday) at 5pm.

I had the pleasure of meeting many delightful exhibitors and working with our local Hamilton media.  I also enjoyed spending time with our amazing line up of celebrity guests – Lynn Spence, Frankie Flowers, Anna Olson, Paul Lafrance and Jane Lockhart.


I cannot begin to say how wonderful it is to work with lovely guests.   They all shared tips and ideas whether it was for inside your home or outside in the yard.  Plus Anna shared everything about baking – mmmm delicious!


I am happily home now and my feet are ever so sore, yet my brain is chalked full of ideas!! I am starting a new Pinterest board for some fun DIY ideas I am going to do!!

Follow Hayley Sweet’s board DIY: Inside and Outside the Home! on Pinterest.

Have you ever been to a home show?
Where do you unload your creative inspiration?
Do you make idea boards?


Run a little. Love a lot!


Since Beau and I have moved in we have starting doing a lot of things together, and I love it!! Things that in the past I would have had to do on my own, with little to no support from my previous partner.  From grocery shopping to running we do it together.

I have been working hard to get into shape and I want to run another 5k this year.  I mentioned to Beau on Saturday that I have serious intentions to do such and would he be interested in running as well.  Right now he is working to quit smoking *woo hoo* and he had run in the past.  He said little on the subject so I left it alone.

Sunday morning (yesterday) we had to go shopping and on the way to meet up with his parents he mentioned he would like to start running daily and in the morning.  He said he would like to get up early and run.  I supported that.  I am truthfully a afternoon/evening runner, but I would run in the AM to support him as he is ultimately supporting me.  We stopped at the Running Room and pick up his new shoes… and I had purchased mine a few weeks ago (see picture above).  We even chatted with the lady in the store about their 5K run clinic.  We are going to join them on some of the free runs on Wednesday and Sundays.

7:00am Monday (Today) the alarm went off and he literally leaped out of bed!! We got ready in silence (I am not a morning person).  Grabbed our keys and headed out the door.  I queued up my couch to 5k app and started my 5 minute warm up walk.  He glided out the door past me and jogged the whole way.   He was ahead of me and I was fine with that! I am proud that he went.  He ended up running for 15 minutes this morning and I completed my 30 minute run – I went 3km this morning and am happy with my progress… Little farther and faster every time…

I am happy we can share this together.