21 Days can be an epic journey!


These past 21 Days have honestly been a journey!!! Not only have I have learned about proper eating and nutrition. I have also learned, I really do have what it takes to take control of my life. I have always loved food! This love was linked to my struggle with my weight.
• When I was sad, I ate.
• When I was angry, I ate.
• When I was sad and angry that I was gaining weight, I ate.
• When I was happy, I ate.

I have started the process of breaking that cycle with 21 Day Fix and my Beachbody support family. With eating clean and healthy foods plus making sure I get in my exercise, I am not a slave to my unhappiness anymore. In 21 days I have lost a total of 11 inches off my body. This sums up to being 2.5% body fat (6lbs)!! Hallelujah!!

I am still on my journey to becoming Happy Fit and I would love you to join me. We have so many programs that are amazing, and they all have:
• An easy to follow eating plan that focuses on eating cleaner/cutting out processed foods.
• Daily workouts that are different each day of the week. (Yoga, Pilates, High Intensity Cardio and so much more)
• Shakeology to replace a meal or just be a yummy snack. It is packed with super-foods and is a nutrition shake meant to help your body function better, therefore reducing cravings and increasing energy. I found Shakeology to be a HUGE HELP!!!
• ME, as your coach!! ‪#‎GetFitBuddies‬
• A challenge group with other women all doing a program at once, for support, guidance, and accountability.

Summer bodies are created in the winter is what I am learning!! Make time for you, so you will have all the energy to do everything you want this summer. I can’t wait to toss my one piece and feel confident in my future two piece swimsuit. I know you have goals too and let’s take those steps together.