Pre-Summit Fun

In case you didn’t know I have been off work and on an adventure. I am also a fitness coach and I have been exploring Chicago and Nashville before my annual Coaching Summit in Nashville. 

My trip started in the windy city – Chicago. I stayed in a super cute AirBNB in the Pilsen area. 

On Monday I got to explore a few stops. I went to the Alder Planetarium, The Field Museum and Cloud Park to see the Bean.

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Now I am in Nashville getting all geared up for the Summit fun tomorrow. 



July Weight Loss Progress

Over the years I have tried pretty much every type of fad diet… and it never worked. One huge reason was I was looking for a quick fix. I loved the headlines in magazines when I was a teen, some such as – “Lose 10lbs in 1 week” or “Get Bikini Ready in 10 Days”. These articles always made me think I could lose it quick. When I think now about about my weight gain, it was a steady gain over several years… so why would I ever think I could lose it fast.

Now I know better and that is due to the new lifestyle I am living. I have been following a simple plan of 30 minutes of exercise daily and a no fail eating plan. I can enjoy everything I love in moderation 🙂

Here is are progress pictures left side is April 2016 and right side is today (July 20, 2016). I am very proud of what I have accomplished and I cannot wait to see where my hard work and dedication takes me. If you are looking to make a change with your health, weight or fitness level please let me know! I have another accountability group starting up shortly and I am looking for 5 more ladies to join me!



Burning all the Calories!


This is the smiling face of someone who has just done A LOT of calorie burning today. Burnt over 1300 calories from my walk and my upper body workout. I feel like jelly everywhere. Keep in mind this smile is hiding back tears of frustration and pain. But I am happy none the less. In the words of Autumn Calabrese:

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Long Weekends and Fitness


On a long weekend Saturday night in the past I would have been out eating bad food and drinking. I would have pushed myself to stay up until the wee hours of the morning sitting around gabbing and watching netflix.

This year after making some huge changes in my life I now stay home and have a lovely BBQ steak dinner with my Hunnie and finished my sweaty workout.   This is just one way my life has changed for the best.

What are you willing to change??