#NoFun Knee Update



At the beginning of September I had a major accident and I was running and blew through a firebowl and I messed up my knee royally.   I have been part of an acting group for 2 years now and I was away with one of their events when this happened.  I was running backwards away from an attacker (in the event).  Many joke that I was more concerned about my costuming than my knee/leg.  I thought at the time I had just hurt it in a small way.  Boy was I wrong!

I went to the hospital that evening after it happened and they stated (at the ER) I had dislocated my knee and required it to be reset.  They made me purchase a Zimmersplint (useless) and sent me on my way with a handful of Tylenol.   I had to work to go into work as I was working on a large event yet they said to take a few days! My clients are awesome.  

I finally saw the sports medicine doctor (referred by my family physician) 10 days after the accident.  She was not convinced the knee was dislocated and gave me the EXCELLENT news I could lose the brace! Best news ever since with the brace I was not able to do anything!! She requested I have an MRI and to follow up in two weeks.

Last Tuesday 31 days into the injury I learned that I have torn or as by her wording “destroyed” my ACL and that I have a fracture in my knee bone and the worst bone bruise she has ever seen! Huzzah that must be some victory somewhere (not on any life bucket list of mine).  

Since hearing the news I have had to:

– Go for physio which I suspect is helping but I have no idea.

– Get fitted for a special brace which should be here any day – Fingers crossed my insurance comes through and covers the majority of it.

– Had to recognize that I can not do everything I had been doing prior to the injury and that I need to take it easy.

– That I have a great circle of friends and family who will be there to help me in any way I need – especially if I have to have surgery (which freaks me out)

I would love to hear your input… Have you had to have ACL surgery or had to rely on others in time of a accident or injury?


Easier to run faster when smaller.


As a part 2 to yesterday’s post. My friend had taken a picture of me prior to the 2012 race and again my 2013 race.

This morning she commented on how I have accomplished so much in 365 days. I have made healthy lifestyle changes to my diet. I have cut out pop completely and cold turkey. No headaches. I have started running as you know. Overall I am on my path to a happier healthier version of me.

Very proud of my accomplishments!

Second Race better than the first


I had mentioned prior I was planning to complete my second 5k race.

I did it. I completed race #2 and I killed it.

Yes I will admit my running training sort of stalled. Yet I managed to shave a whooping 5 minutes of my time this year.

2012 – 51:50 (no training and out of shape)

2013 – 46:33 (moderate training)

2014 goal – under 35 minutes.

I enjoy running and I plan to commit more to my hobby.

Dusting off this blog

Hello All!! Yes it has been a while since I posted last… There was still snow on the ground when I was last here.  Well much has changed since then…

I have finished my courses at school and *fingers crossed* I will be a University Graduate shortly.  I am very happy in my career in Public Relations!! How did I not do this profession years ago.  I have become extraordinarily busy with my social groups. I am now the president of both my local chapter and our cities council for my sorority (Beta Sigma Phi) – Not affiliated with any University or College.  As well as my regular extra circulars!

I have been running for the last month and a bit.  I am currently able to jog (not RUN) for 6 minutes and walk for a minute – rather rinse repeat.  I am running my 5k in June… 3 weeks to speed up that time and go farther!  I have also been asked to join a house baseball team which I am looking forward too…

I would like to share more! No promises but I will try to make this a more regular occurrence then just a fly by and then gone.

I hope all is going well for you.  Feel free to connect! Twitter: @JustHayleyS