Blooming with ideas!

If you did not know I am a publicist as my day job… my 9-5 job.  I loving working in PR. I have the opportuntiy to meet and work with some amazing people.  This weekend I was working at the Spring Home and Garden Show in Hamilton.  I had such an amazing weekend.  The show opened on Friday and ran until today (Sunday) at 5pm.

I had the pleasure of meeting many delightful exhibitors and working with our local Hamilton media.  I also enjoyed spending time with our amazing line up of celebrity guests – Lynn Spence, Frankie Flowers, Anna Olson, Paul Lafrance and Jane Lockhart.


I cannot begin to say how wonderful it is to work with lovely guests.   They all shared tips and ideas whether it was for inside your home or outside in the yard.  Plus Anna shared everything about baking – mmmm delicious!


I am happily home now and my feet are ever so sore, yet my brain is chalked full of ideas!! I am starting a new Pinterest board for some fun DIY ideas I am going to do!!

Follow Hayley Sweet’s board DIY: Inside and Outside the Home! on Pinterest.

Have you ever been to a home show?
Where do you unload your creative inspiration?
Do you make idea boards?

Run a little. Love a lot!


Since Beau and I have moved in we have starting doing a lot of things together, and I love it!! Things that in the past I would have had to do on my own, with little to no support from my previous partner.  From grocery shopping to running we do it together.

I have been working hard to get into shape and I want to run another 5k this year.  I mentioned to Beau on Saturday that I have serious intentions to do such and would he be interested in running as well.  Right now he is working to quit smoking *woo hoo* and he had run in the past.  He said little on the subject so I left it alone.

Sunday morning (yesterday) we had to go shopping and on the way to meet up with his parents he mentioned he would like to start running daily and in the morning.  He said he would like to get up early and run.  I supported that.  I am truthfully a afternoon/evening runner, but I would run in the AM to support him as he is ultimately supporting me.  We stopped at the Running Room and pick up his new shoes… and I had purchased mine a few weeks ago (see picture above).  We even chatted with the lady in the store about their 5K run clinic.  We are going to join them on some of the free runs on Wednesday and Sundays.

7:00am Monday (Today) the alarm went off and he literally leaped out of bed!! We got ready in silence (I am not a morning person).  Grabbed our keys and headed out the door.  I queued up my couch to 5k app and started my 5 minute warm up walk.  He glided out the door past me and jogged the whole way.   He was ahead of me and I was fine with that! I am proud that he went.  He ended up running for 15 minutes this morning and I completed my 30 minute run – I went 3km this morning and am happy with my progress… Little farther and faster every time…

I am happy we can share this together.

#RedefineBusiness with Rodan and Fields

independent_consultant logo 2Big News.  I have decided to take a leap and enter back in to the direct sales world.  I have decided to partner with  Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields with their skin care line – Rodan and Fields.  I choose to join because I am looking for a opportunity for freedom that I do not currently have.  Rodan and Fields has been sold in the US for the last few years.  The american consultants have be able to do extremely well for themselves financially.  Many have grown more into the women they wanted to be vs. the women they were or were told to be.  I am excited to grow more myself and have a successful company at my side to do this.

These are some of the magazines that printed editorial coverage on Rodan and Fields:

Press room - RF

Marilyn Dennis even mentioned RF:

The Marilyn Denis Show - Boosting Direct Sales.clipular

If you ever want to learn more about making your skin glow or your personal bank account grow get in touch with me today!

Connect on Facebook:
Email: SweetSkinCareRF (at) gmail (dot) com

Run Run Run – #28before29 Running update


I added on my list of #28before29 to run 1000km.  Why in all the worlds would I put that? Well because I used to run before I blew out my knew and I would like to get back into it.  I though 1000km would be easy… but it is harder than I originally thought but I am going to do as much as I can.

November: KM Ran = 0
December: KM Ran = 2.11
January: KM Ran = 6.2
February: KM Ran = 1.93 (as of today 2/5/15)

I just finished moving and I have happily found a new gym which is very clean and small which is nice.  Last night was the first time I have been and I started out running for 30 minutes.  I managed to make 1.93km in the 30 minutes.  Which is fairly slow.  I did not have my Nike+ run app working well since my phone was in my hand not in my arm band.  (Could not find it #movingproblems).

I have broke down the goal with my current km run:
Goal: 1000km
Distance to date: 10.24km
Distance to go: 989.76km
# of months till my birthday: 10
Distance needed to meet goal monthly: 99km/month

I think that might be a tall order but I am willing to try.  Have you ever done a running challenge?? Help me stay on track!!

JustHayley is a font


I have always admired the beauty of handwritten fonts, and those bloggers who had them.  I am truly a font snob. I have always loved typography and how words look.  You should see my Pinterest board of quotes.  But I digress.

Over the past few years I have wanted to make a font of my handwriting yet I thought I would need some high tech tools.  After some easy Googling and a few YouTubevideos later I find out that I can make a font with great ease.  I was a bit skeptical of how the font would look but as you can see above it turned out.

I used this site: and it was very easy.

First attempt was with a Sharpie Pen – Fine Point.  Yet it was too thin and did not scan and translate in to a nice font.  Sharpie Products- Pen - Fine Point.clipular

Second attempt was with a regular black sharpie and it resulted in the font above.  I want to play around with some other pens to see what results with the best font line size.  I will let you all know what I find out.  I am planning to do this process a second time to see if I can fix some of my letters.

This is part of my #28before29 series.

Have you ever wanted to make your own font?  Do it today seriously so easy!!

Fired up!

Do you ever read something in news or gets posted on your timeline that gets you all fired up?  I do.

I do not often express that anger or upset back out into the world but I am today.

TLDR: Love your body and yell from the roof tops how awesome your weight-loss journey is!

(4) Beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes.... - HuffPost Canada Living.clipular

Huffington Post shared this on Facebook today! I am personally outraged.  I have purchased the magazine SHAPE in the past but I have not read it in over a year.  Not for any reason in particular but I am less inclined to read it now after this.  As a fellow female who is losing weight this makes me sad.  And funny enough at the bottom of the SHAPE reply on their website is:

Weight Loss Success Stories and Tips - Shape Magazine.clipular

As a human we are all entitled to our opinions and I have a huge opinion on this.  I am proud of my weightloss and I honestly BRAG and tell anyone who will listen.  I am not ashamed of how much I weighted before nor that I am still on my weight loss journey.  Especially when it comes to dating – I see no point in hiding your successes.  I was recently single after ending a 4 year long engagement. One of the first things I talked about when on dates was that my health was very important to me and that I am in the middle of a weight-loss journey.

Why did I share this? My health is number one priority to me… if I am unhealthy and overweight I am not going to be able to achieve what I want to achieve personally in life.  And I need to know my potential partner is on the same page and understands that going out for high calorie fast food is not a option for me.

I am thankful everyday that the man I have in my life now is not only proud of what I have accomplished but supports my weight-loss.  He is there to cheer me on and encourage me when I do not want to get my ass in the gym.  He also reminded me that:

Couples who sweat together stay together…

What do you think about this? Are you losing weight? Do you share your weight-loss with others?

Come to the edge and let it go

Dancers Pose

As I mentioned earlier today it was a terrible no good day.  I am 100% and extrovert. I love people and socializing but from time to time the percentage changes to about 90% extrovert and 10% introvert.  I need time to recharge my social meter.  Well over the holiday’s this was over flowing!

From Friday to Sunday I did very little socializing basically taking my own time out.  If I do not do this I get rather grumpy and very impatient.  Ideally I needed one more day to relax but today was the first day back to work work after the holiday’s.  It started off blah and carried through.  I work as an EE at my local Moksha Yoga studio and I did not want to do my shift today because I had a case of the blahs and the grumps.  But I knew I could not slack and went.  I am ever so glad I did.  I took my Moksha 60 class and in the beginning shavasana every issue and negative thing melted into the floor.  It was restorative.  I felt 100% better when I left class.

So much so – a good friend and fellow EE – took this shot of me practicing my dancers pose.  I must always remember to take time for myself and to come to my edge and then just let it go.

Do you ever take Hot Yoga? What helps you relax and recharge after the holiday’s?