What’s in your water?!



I used to be a habitual pop drinker. I would flip between the the Pepsi Camp and Coke Camp so often.  I had a crazy addiction to pop and sugar.

While Alex and I were out at the One of a Kind show last spring there was a booth for soda stream. I thought heck it’s affordable maybe we should give it a shot and make our own pop.  Within a few months I was just making the carbonated water and mixing it half and half with juice. Then over time less and less juice.

Now I drink just flat water or carbonated water. If I have it carbonated and want a little something extra I add on sliced fruit.  Such as lemom (seen above), orange, lime, berries and even mango.

I highly recommend this if your trying go cut out the crap.


Pre-Summit Fun

In case you didn’t know I have been off work and on an adventure. I am also a fitness coach and I have been exploring Chicago and Nashville before my annual Coaching Summit in Nashville. 

My trip started in the windy city – Chicago. I stayed in a super cute AirBNB in the Pilsen area. 

On Monday I got to explore a few stops. I went to the Alder Planetarium, The Field Museum and Cloud Park to see the Bean.

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Now I am in Nashville getting all geared up for the Summit fun tomorrow. 


July Weight Loss Progress

Over the years I have tried pretty much every type of fad diet… and it never worked. One huge reason was I was looking for a quick fix. I loved the headlines in magazines when I was a teen, some such as – “Lose 10lbs in 1 week” or “Get Bikini Ready in 10 Days”. These articles always made me think I could lose it quick. When I think now about about my weight gain, it was a steady gain over several years… so why would I ever think I could lose it fast.

Now I know better and that is due to the new lifestyle I am living. I have been following a simple plan of 30 minutes of exercise daily and a no fail eating plan. I can enjoy everything I love in moderation 🙂

Here is are progress pictures left side is April 2016 and right side is today (July 20, 2016). I am very proud of what I have accomplished and I cannot wait to see where my hard work and dedication takes me. If you are looking to make a change with your health, weight or fitness level please let me know! I have another accountability group starting up shortly and I am looking for 5 more ladies to join me!



Burning all the Calories!


This is the smiling face of someone who has just done A LOT of calorie burning today. Burnt over 1300 calories from my walk and my upper body workout. I feel like jelly everywhere. Keep in mind this smile is hiding back tears of frustration and pain. But I am happy none the less. In the words of Autumn Calabrese:

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Long Weekends and Fitness


On a long weekend Saturday night in the past I would have been out eating bad food and drinking. I would have pushed myself to stay up until the wee hours of the morning sitting around gabbing and watching netflix.

This year after making some huge changes in my life I now stay home and have a lovely BBQ steak dinner with my Hunnie and finished my sweaty workout.   This is just one way my life has changed for the best.

What are you willing to change??

Chiseling my body!

Yahoo!! Hammer and Chisel – Chisel Cardio is done!! Oh how I had every excuse why I couldn’t do my workout today! After some grumbling I just did it. Was it hard? Yep. Did I want to cheat and not do the full 60 seconds for each rep? You betcha! Did I cheat? Thankfully, No. As Autumn Calabrese said right when I was ready to give up – our reason for starting this workout is bigger than all the BS excuses we make as to why we don’t have to.


Watch my workout here!

Did you know 70% of people who start a workout program QUIT?? Those 70% of people (who I was one of them) were really just quitting themselves!! I know I am more important and so are you!! I’d love for you to join my upcoming fitness accountability group!! Ask me how you can be part of it with me!!


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail…


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

I had one of those mornings. I ran out of eggs which I had prepped for the week and was making a mad dash this morning to get ready.  It was easy for me today because I had extra items in my house which I can grab easy.  I had prepped on Sunday I was able to grab my healthy clean items‬.

In the past I would have said to hell with it and went to drive thru Tim Horton’s or worse McDonalds. Not anymore because I have made a point to plan ahead.

I would love to share with you how you too can plan ahead and eat clean!! Just ask me how!